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What Super Order Management does isn’t unusual. It’s unprecedented.

It’s like you had a magical device that could predict customer demand across all of your dealerships. Then it automatically shipped exactly the right products at exactly the right time to exactly the right places — and got smarter every time you used it — with no additional overhead or effort on your part.

Come to think of it it’s not like that. It is that.

How It Works


View Suggested Parts Order


One Button Sends the Order


Receive Order, Thrill Customer

SOM is ridiculously easy to use.

It’s an advanced, cloud-based solution that provides in-depth, useful data to transform the health and profitability of retail networks, instantly and effortlessly.

More Profit
Improved Parts Turnover
Better Sell-Through Rate
* Based on verified customer data and feedback
Uptick in Aged Inventory

Do one thing. Do it perfectly.

We make software that solves a critical problem — the huge cost of not correctly understanding your inventory. We don’t try to take over the entire universe with stacks and bundles of technology that run every aspect of your business. We’re happy being the best in our little corner of it. That’s why we stick to making your inventory smarter.

And every day we try to be better than we were yesterday, with smart developers who work hand-in-hand with the brightest minds in manufacturing and dealer operations.

Making something of quality feels good. Making something that helps customers succeed feels even better. So that’s why we stick to just making your inventory smarter.

Why SOM, in a single sentence? That’s easy.

When you need to solve that one problem that will fix a dozen other issues, not the least of which is freeing up cash; when you need to predict customer demand with pinpoint accuracy because you’re tired of lost sales, or of discounting excess parts that will otherwise gather dust and depreciate; when you need to get a grip on service scheduling and reduce out-of-control labor costs; when you need to eliminate emotion and human error from the ordering process — and you need it before your coffee gets cold — that’s why there’s SOM.