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Is getting started with SOM complicated?

It’s actually pretty simple. SOM is easily integrated with your existing dealer management or other retail systems, allowing you to see suggested orders directly in the application.

Another way to use SOM is via the easy-to-use web portal. Once a manufacturer or dealership adds users to the platform, the system sends an email to each user, inviting them to register an account and to validate it via email. When this two-step process is complete, users will have access to the portal.

Is there a way to manually change SOM-suggested orders?

SOM is an intelligent, self-evaluating system that uses advanced algorithms to generate suggested orders for precisely the right parts, in the perfect quantity, for you.

The key word here is suggested — you can change the order before submitting it. However, we strongly recommend ordering as suggested. SOM™’s ever-increasing precision will solidify your trust with every order.

How does SOM account for my busy and slow seasons?

SOM automatically detects part seasonality, based on historical sales, demand patterns, and current sales trend. It extrapolates that information into a sales forecast for a configurable period that makes sense for your business.

SOM then adjusts inventory levels accordingly and helps your business ease in and out of high and low seasons without you suffering from under/overstock issues.

How are superseded and obsolete parts handled in SOM?

SOM will suggest neither obsolete parts nor old parts in the superseded parts chain, as long as the OEM provides regular parts updates.

How does SOM work with part package quantities?

SOM respects OEM part ordering requirements for packaged parts or parts with defined MOQ. SOM-suggested orders automatically reflect OEM requirements.

For packaged parts, the quantity value represents the number of packages to order; otherwise, it indicates the number of individual parts to order.

How can I use SOM-suggested orders in my DMS?

SOM can be integrated with your DMS using an application programming interface (API). With the simple click of a button on your purchase order screen, the system will load all SOM-suggested parts directly into the purchase order for you to then review and submit as usual.

If an API integration is not available, you can still access SOM through the web portal, where you can view your current suggested order and export it into an Excel or CSV file format.

The Excel file format includes a part number, description, order quantity, package part indicator, package quantity, cost, and total cost. This format is useful for those who prefer to enter suggested orders into the DMS manually.

The CSV file includes only a part number and order quantity (in packages if applicable). This format is designed to import your suggested order directly into a purchase order within your DMS (if the CSV file import option is available on the purchase order screen of your DMS).

Is there a way to make SOM ignore exceptional sales?

An exceptional sale is one that is considered “above and beyond” regular sales activity. SOM algorithms will ignore them, but only if they are marked as exceptional in your DMS.

Can I permanently exclude a part from SOM suggested orders?

Yes. Just flag the part as “Non-Stock” in your DMS.

How often should I use SOM suggested orders?

SOM is capable of generating suggested orders daily if desired. The optimal frequency, however, depends on your business and your typical full-cycle lead-time for order submission through shipment, receiving, and stocking of parts.

For example, if your usual lead-time is two weeks, we suggest a weekly or bi-weekly order, to ensure availability of stock and to stay on top of parts with an uptrend in demand.

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